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all things must eventually come to an end.
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Seriously, I like this layout much better than anything I've seen in a long time. Me, well I'm just your local overcooked bird, commenting by way of the next big "soon to be coastal" city of Phx. Home of the red-hot Suns (in more ways than one!)

Your loyal "Nash_Luvr"
(aka you know who)
*smooshing hugs* Thanks for sticking around.

I found this layout on deviantart, but she's got a few more with different cast members on the side where Brennan is. janine42584 is lovely. <33

commenting by way of the next big "soon to be coastal" city of Phx.
haha! You just reminded me of a song by Tool called "Aenema." It's about California breaking off. He says "Arizona Bay" at one point. Tis a good song.

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13 years ago


13 years ago

oh yeah, dont even trip. they were all bitching about me too but some mod or someone auto accepted me in, and a few of them threw a hissy fit about it. haha i thought it was pretty funny.

sorry it didnt work out for you.
Yeah, It was more an issue of "I can't believe these mods allow that kind of stuff!" I've modded several comms before, and in none of them, not even the rating one i ran for fiction writing, was that kind of rudeness tolerated. I'm 22 years old. I don't need any eleventeen year olds to tell me if I'm worthy of their super-sekkrit club based on personality.

Tis all good though. I've had a pretty shitty week, so I just wasn't in the mood to keep reading unintelligent replies. Wish I couldda met a few more awesome gals like yourself, though. ^_^


13 years ago


13 years ago



13 years ago

My name is Serena. I have many heroes, house comms and forums.

And I need to talk to you so please add me. I'd like to do it privately. Thanks.
I've seen you around the communities, but I'm not active in them anymore, nor am I writing anything... I'm being overly paranoid about my LJ at the moment, so I'm not adding people very easily.

If you'd still like to talk, you're welcome to email me at the address in my user info. It WILL get to me. I'm sorry if this seems a little paranoid, but that's what it has come down to as of late. Plus, the email is the best way to communicate with me privately. But like I said, I'm no longer interested in anything to do with the House fandom. It wasn't really my "thing" anyway. I'm just a little too gay for House/Cameron, LOL.
Hi, I really like your house/cameron fic and I'd like to add you if that's okay. :)
Sure hon! Go ahead and add me, I'll add you back!

(Oh, and it's always a pleasure to meet another Tegan and Sara fan! <33)
Hai this is Tasha. :)

I just wanted to see if you wanted to be LJ friends. I understand if you don't want to add me yet, but I'm the really geeky one in the House party pics.

I am also apparently already your friend, so nevermind the above.

*waves* My aim is the same as my LJ, so if you ever want to say hi, feel free. :)


13 years ago

am actually as stupid as i look lol.. so am curious why would you be paranoid about who you add? sounds kinda weird. anyways love your coming out story.. it was interestin and well written.
take care of you
The reason I'm paranoid isn't so much to do with any of the online lesbian communities... I used to be a very active member in a TV show fandom and I write a lot of fan fiction for the show. I recently got a burn to something I'd written from a complete stranger (and a notorious troll to people's LJ's, I'd just never heard anything about her until she pulled her little stunt.) and it ended up turning into this whole big LJ drama that I SO didn't need to be dealing with.

It involved... A LOT of people and it definitely showed me who my friends are. People still seek me out for the things I'd written even after I basically did a disappearing act, so I'm overly cautious about who I do and do not add. Of course there's a lot more to the story, but that's the summarized version.

I hate, hate, HATE drama. I'm a Sagittarius, so it's in my nature to be a good time girl who goes to great lengths to avoid bullshit, which is why I thoroughly check everyone (if they're from a mutual fandom) when they ask me to add them. No more psychos, plz. :)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you did the 3 picture thing. i wish i was that cool!
I don't know how to work this thing. lol. H-E-L-P!
okay... i've got ya. ;)

If you click on the little man image next to anyone's linked username, it will take you to that person's userinfo. You can also get to their userinfo through the link ON their journal, but a lot of people have custom layouts, so the words don't always say something like "userinfo" and whatnot. Click mine: carnal_pariah.

To link to another user's LJ, remember this code: [lj user=USERSNAME]. Replace the "[" and "]" with "<" and ">"

To make a post, you're gonna wanna get acquainted with the navigation bar along the top of the home pages. Under the big bold letters that say your username next to your default icon, you'll see a series of links that say "Post" "Messages" "Friends Page" etc. "Post" is what you wanna click to make a new entry. Until you get familliar with HTML, I'd suggest that you post in rich text mode (it's one of the tabs along the big text field for your entry.)

Because I love you, I'm gonna do some screen caps with explanations to guide you. I'll post them in a comment over at your LJ. ^_^
let's get right to it, shall we? i feel you should add me based on one, simple fact- i know when to use "your" and "you're" appropriately.

; )
why, that's great grounds for adding someone ;)

consider it done. I better get an add back. :P


13 years ago


13 years ago

so I'm really digging LJ even thoughI still don't know how to work it, lol. It is sparking my creativity and I think i will start writing again reall soon! I'm kicking around new ideas for an old story and i think I may also rewrite my high school novel. like I have just been kickin back and chillin now that i have no more myspace, haha, except for chocolate bunny. but i have been feeling really revitalized i think may be the right word. and i feel really very. ^.^
i am REALLY extremely happy. i feel like i'm at square one again facing waterfalls of possibilities.
and it is really nice to have a page where i can still talk to you and your friends =D AND express myself as well.
I'm kicking ideas around for the new myspace too, i'm still not sure what I want to do with the backround yet. i can't wait to get my laptop fixed, lol.
luv ya!
AHAHAHHA!! Sweet! Yeah, Ell-Jay is teh love.

You so should get back to writing! if you want me to beta read anything for you, I'm more than happy to! And just remember that LJ is basically just a blogging site, but it's crazy interactive; you can join communities and post to them for other members to see, add friends whose journals you wanna read, stick graphics up in your profile... yeah, LJ is good times! I wish I could say it offers a more mature audience than myspace, but as you well know from my rants, thar be imbeciles here, too. They're easier to avoid.

And dude, you don't have to comment JUST in this post of mine. Since you're on my flist, you can see all my most recent posts below this one. This one is just my default public post so that potential new friends have a place to comment and make contact.

So, just take your time with this and get familiarized. I've been on LJ for over four years now, so I'm pretty well acquainted with it. (I'm one of the few that can actually say I remember the days when you needed a special invite code from another paid member in order to get a free account. And I remember when free accounts were only allowed three userpics (icons.) This journal has my life documented to back when I lived in Florida, hahahaha!!

And I'm so happy you're feeling refreshed! I was wondering how you've been doing! I love you too and I cannot wait to see you in july!
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE IT!!!!! ah good *drunken* memories, hahaha! omg i miss that movie soo much!!
luv ya!!
oh btw, is Author House a good way to get published?
okay, we're gonna have a little chat about comments..

This isn't like myspace. You don't have to bounce over to the other person's page in order to reply to something they commented in one of YOUR entries.

There's a reply button underneath each comment that allows you to keep comments within the original thread. So, when it comes to comments, forget everything you learned on myspace. When I get into town, we'll go over, more in depth, how to navigate LJ.

And if you check your email, you'll see that people's replies to comments will get emailed to you
Just wanted to say, how 'bout a "smear" effect on the pink and yellow stripes when they meet the face, sort of like a blend to pink and yellow to the color of the face. Just a thought by zephyrunleashed...
I ended up coming up with a whole different BG for that image. I like the new one much better. I have yet to upload it anywhere, though. :\
You! *points*

Are you who I think you are??? You are, aren'tcha???
I've been gone from LJ for a while but house_luvr and a few others have badgered me into returning, heheheh ...

How are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?

Oh yeah, I'm just lettin' ya know: "Kein Mitleid fuer die Mehrheit" instead of the other way around ... just my German nature to do this type of thing ... sorry!

PS: I friended you. Again. Cuz I always loved your stories!!!
yep. you found me. I went MIA for a while. DramaZ.

I'll add back, of course!

And thanks for the German tip. I couldn't remember which word went where, but it's also the FULL name of one of my fave bands, KMFDM. It's that industrial rock stuff that gives me a fembone.

How are you? you have been MIA for a while...
*LOVE* your layout. Had to say that first.
Second, I'm not asking you to add me, cause paranoia is a good thing ;) I am however going to add you, so that you can see who i am, what i'm about etc, so that if at some point in the future you wish to add me, you know you actually want to.
having said that.... i've copied and butchered your profile info thing to make it about me ;)

i am 24. i am not a lesbian, i do however have multiple girl crushes. i appriciate the visual goodness/yumminess of many many girls :D i do like guys. i can't help it? :D sometimes i wish i didn't, as there seems to be a common asshole theme with them.
i do a lot of painting. painting is my thing. i can't draw for shit, i'm ok with charcoal.. but painting is my thing. when i write in my journal, more often than not there will be a mis-typed word, simply because my brain works at triple speed and i type too fast, hence teh spelling. that said, i'm rather horrible to people about their grammer and spelling. ok, not horrible. but i pick up on it. especially spekn grammer. nothing worse that using the wrong word in the wrong sentence. the emo look bugs the hell out of me. though, in a nother life, say if i'd been born 20 years later, maybe i would have been one. lol. i have a history with painkillers. specifically high dosage naproxen. not exactly hard core... i have a history with eating disorders.. don't we all. i hold grudges.. but if someone has an actual reason for doing/saying something, i might give them the benefit of the doubt. i don't smoke. i used to, but both my grandparents on my mothers side died from smoking related illnesses and it would have killed my mother if the same happened to me. i drink. i am comfortable with safe, casual sex.
there's a lot more to me than that.. but yeah. i'll add you, and you'll see.
Heee! I definitely favor "Bones" over "House" these days.

I also went ahead and added you, back. You seem like a fun gal, and while we may not exactly run in the same circle of friends through the House comms, I'd still like to get to know ya! =)

LOL, I love your version of my profile info! While I AM a lesbian, I'm definitely not one of those flannel or FuBu rocking butch dykes. I don't even DATE those kind of women. I prefer women equally as femme-y as me. I do have a few celeb boy crushes (Hugh Laurie jumps to the forefront of my mind) and even dated a few men before I ultimately "picked a team." I just happened to get drafted to the "Boston Bean Fiddlers," LOL! I'mnot one of those recruiter dykes who's out to prove that ALL women are at least a little gay. I can't stand those kinds of lesbians. Though I have been with a handful of "straight" women; they came on to me. I'm actually in a half-assed excuse of relationship--which can more aptly be dubbed an "agreement"--with someone. I'm not committed to her by any means, but as long as she's in my life, I can't commit monogamously to anyone ELSE, either. Especially since we're going to be living down the street from each other again in a week and a half. But that's a sordid tale to be saved for another day. ;)

And as far as painkillers are concerned, I was definitely a vicodin fan. I don't have the severe addiction any more, but that's not to say I'm immune to it. I'm still wont to take the occasional hydrocodone if one happens along. It IS my drug of choice, after all.

I can understand why you'd quit smoking. I refuse to go tanning because my own mother has had melanoma; while the melanoma was easily rid of, it was the MRSA thereafter that nearly killed her. I'm surprised I actually have a hint of color right now. But it's only there because I went to the beach one day and I apparently SUCK royally at properly applying sunscreen. I'm tan in blotchy patches, like the top of my foot. (Which I'm contemplating taking a picture of and sending in to the Weekly World News to claim that I can see the face of Jesus in my foot. Seems like a fun idea to save for a rainy day.)

Anyway, I'd better stop dawdling and get back to packing. I seriously can't wait until the 18th when I'm all settled into my new place. I will sleep like a frakkin' baby that night, I swear.


13 years ago

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